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I love summer if for naught but the endless opportunities to wear slutty clothes :)

Me too
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Anonymous said: What's would it take for you to post a video of you cumming
I replied:

I do not think I would do that.

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Anonymous said: Sexual orientation?
I replied:


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Girls on here are like, just as sketch as the dudes

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Anonymous said: What's the most hilarious reaction you've heard to your massive peen?
I replied:

I’ve had more than one girl that’s just been like “I’m gonna die” and just kept saying/moaning it over and over again lol

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Anonymous said: tell us the story of your first blow job
I replied:

Uhm… I don’t think it’s that exciting. I was with my first gf, in a grassy foresty area just on the outside of our neighborhood when we decided we wanted to try things. I really don’t remember it that well

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leplastiquealex said: What's a sexual guilty pleasure you have?
I replied:

The trick is to not feel guilty about your sexual pleasures~

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